Advantages of modular development with ACF & WordPress

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There are many routes and development methods to take when building a website. As websites are a very important part of the business and the trend of inhouse content management increases, more and more companies choose to have a CMS that leads to a symbiotic relationship between the content creators and the developers. A prominent method of development on WordPress is marrying it up to Advanced Custom Fields.

ACF allows for modular development of websites, this has many advantages for the user and the developer as the website changes and scales over time.


  • Developing modules allows the user to re-order blocks on the site at any time, they can drag and drop each module and change the layout of the website with ease.
  • Updating modules for the developer is simple and adding new styles/changes will not impact any other modules on the website.
  • This method allows for duplicate modules on one page, meaning the user can build the page from scratch and use the same module multiple times on multiple pages.
  • All modules are available on all pages if the user & developer agree.
  • Any front-end errors that occur in a singular module, only effect that module, leaving the rest of the website/page functional. (However, this may not be the case for serverside errors).
  • Scalability – This method of development allows the user and developer to work on more modules as the site becomes bigger, making upscaling easy.

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