Don’t sleep on SSL certificates

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An SSL certificate should always be on the checklist for any new website, they not only keep yours and your user’s data safe, but they also help with better Google rankings.

Have you ever visited a website still using “HTTP”, or “HTTPS” with the annoying warning about the site not being secure? Annoying right? This is due to the website not having a valid SSL certificate.

According to – 41% of websites do not use HTTPS, meaning their website is not transmitting data via a secure connection.

So, what do they do?

The main purpose of an SSL certificate is to ensure the communication between the user and the server is secure. All the data that passes through a website with SSL is encrypted.

Why do I need this?

Boost sales and gain customer trust:

When you have your SSL certificate, users can see details about your organisation, who issued your certificate and how long you have had it. This allows users to verify who you are, especially if you have an eCommerce website and users are handing over personal/payment details.

Also, when you don’t have an SSL certificate, the user is usually greeted with a message, letting them know your website is insecure, not good!

Improve Google rankings:

Google rankings are important if you want to get the message out, having an SSL certificate will boost your rankings. There have been various studies to support the link between higher Google rankings and HTTPS websites.

Required by Google:

From 2018 onwards Google added a flag to websites that do not have a certificate installed on their website. This means when a user visits an insecure website they are greeted with a message/warning asking them to proceed, this can ward off potential users/clients.

Need help getting an SSL certificate set up on your website? Get in touch.

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