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WordPress Development

Developing custom WordPress themes is one of my specialities, Building on top of a CMS as powerful as WordPress allows you to have full control over the content and layout of your website. All of my themes are built modular, meaning the site can be changed, customised and reordered with ease. I develop with the latest coding standards and ensure my themes are secure using efficient PHP and HTML methods.

As well as developing WordPress themes from scratch, I can also mould static websites into the CMS by creating a theme from your existing site. This conversion gives your site a back end content management system, to help you take control of your content.

I also have experience developing custom plugins for WordPress, to expand on the core functions of the CMS.

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A flexible CMS to manage your inventory is important, giving you the power to handle your products and services with ease. Having built and maintained eCommerce websites, I have a scope on the base requirements that should be available to your business, along with handling payment gateways, customised product templates and the processing of orders, emails and secure payments.

Powerful inventory management allows you to keep track of orders, payments, stock, product information and more. Coupled with analytics, an eCommerce site is a great way to see which products are selling to who, and why, empowering your business moving forward.

Your website can be transformed into an eCommerce site, or built from scratch, with everything you need to get started. Showcasing your product across multiple platforms and devices is important, that’s why all eCommerce websites are built fully responsive with your product being the main focus.


Fully Responsive

All of my web development projects are cross-device and browser tested. Depending on your specification, I always ensure your project performs consistently across multiple platforms and devices. Using responsive grid systems, your website will look polished on mobile, tablets and desktops.



High load times can be damaging to the number of visitors you retain on your site. I have tackled the simple and complex issues on small and large scale websites. Some of the solutions contain a combination of code efficiency, asset size management, ordering and prioritising styles and scripts as well as optimising server-side delivery and caching. Your site will be put through multiple speed tests on mobile and desktop platforms so specific issues can be tackled on a wide variety of devices.


What else can I do?

Static Websites

No need for a CMS? Static websites without a customisable back end may be preferable for smaller businesses/projects. I have a wealth of experience building, deploying and maintaining static websites and can help with content updates, design changes and modular development.


Modular Development

Looking to expand your project? With access to your existing code base, I can develop additional modules to expand the functionality and presence of your website. I have a wide range of development skills that allow me to hook into projects and follow their guidelines and specifications.

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Bug Squashing

Your website should work, period. Finding and eliminating bugs is a speciality of mine, if there’s a problem, I’ll try my best to identify and solve it! No actual bugs are harmed in the process!


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