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Dedicated Servers

Need a place for your website to live? I have a wide range of dedicated servers for your website & project to thrive on. I’ll help marry your website up with the perfect size server to ensure the quickest speed and best performance for your visitors. Each server is set up from scratch and tailored to the needs of the project, preventing excess baggage, maintaining speed and performance.

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All of my servers have processes in place to ensure your data is secure. My servers are locked down so they cannot be accessed using a password and only allow user authentication via SSH keys. This means my servers can’t be accessed via brute force attacks. The servers are regularly maintained with security updates to ensure the foundations of the sever are protected. Your website will also be issued an SSL certificate, meaning your platform is protected and trusted across the web.


Backups, Maintenance & Support

Your website is regularly maintained with important security and software updates, keeping the foundations that your project relies on sturdy and secure. My servers have weekly automatic backups enabled by default, with daily backups available by request.

I’m just a phone call away… In addition to secure & speedy hosting, I’m always on hand to help with any questions/problems you have with your project, providing you with a single point of contact instead of waiting in online chat queues from large hosting companies.




Planning on scaling up? No problem. My servers can easily be tweaked to provide more memory and power for your project, which means as you scale, your server can too. I monitor all of my servers regularly and will notify you if your project is starting to outgrow the capabilities of your server. Upgrading or downscaling your server can be done at a time that suits you, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about downtime.


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