Joe Bygraves

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Project Name: Joe Bygraves Website

Client: Joe Bygraves

Services: Website development, UI design, Experimental methods.

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Joe Bygraves

The vision

Gaining momentum in his music career, Joe Bygraves had the idea of creating a digital hub to contain his music, information surrounding his shows, updates for his fans, booking information and social media links. Joe decided a website was the best way to contain all this content and would be the perfect platform to grow.

Joe Bygraves

The outcome

It was important for us to create a platform that Joe could use and scale as his brand expanded. We decided to take a flexible approach, using WordPress as the CMS. This allows us to revisit the site and add new bespoke modules as and when they are needed. To display all aspects of Joe’s art, we worked on including Spotify and YouTube integrations along with providing modules to display booking/ticket information for live shows.

After working alongside Joe, we developed a partnership going forwards to host the website and provide support as the website/brand grows.

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