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Project Name: Stream Design Theme Improvement

Client: Stream Designs

Services: Website development, Website design, Theme improvement.

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The vision

Streaming for several years and building a successful community, William looked to create a platform where he could help the community by providing predesigned emotes & sub badges. As well as custom orders. After purchasing a WordPress theme, William needed some guidance in personalising the theme, making code and design tweaks to slightly alter and improve the functionality for his marketplace.

The outcome

Utilising WordPress theme development knowledge, we added custom modules to the theme and tweaked how the user navigates around the site. As well as improving the functionality, we also changed various aspects of the design, including the way the header and footer of the site is displayed. This allowed William to personalise the theme and ensure his brand shone through. After our tweaks were done, guidance was provided in terms of setting up the eCommerce side and getting an SSL certificate installed on the site.

Stream Designs going forward utilise the support blocks package offered, meaning we can work further on supporting the site, post go live.

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