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Project Name: TaxQube Ltd Website

Client: TaxQube Ltd

Services: Website development, Website design.

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The vision

After starting up and beginning to build their business, TaxQube decided they needed a website to display their services, generate leads and allow users to calculate a rough estimate of their R&D tax returns. Ahmed at TaxQube requested the design should stand out and not follow the same horizontal cut off structure at the end of sections that most websites use. Along with having powerful colours, animations and interactivity was also a key point. TaxQube also wanted to be able to edit the content and reorder/add/remove sections with a user-friendly CMS.

The outcome

Working alongside Ahmed at TaxQube, we designed the entire website and made various tweaks to perfect each module. The main colour palette used is based around a strong purple to catch the user’s eye once they hit the site. Using TaxQube’s formulae, we developed a live calculator that updates results as the user changes options & inputs values. All modules contain multiple theme options and have optional slants to break up the normal flow of a website. The website was built using Advanced Custom Fields on WordPress, allowing TaxQube to have control over the content, layout and section options.

After the initial go-live, we have a continued working relationship for support and development of new modules!

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