The Woolpack

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Project Name: The Woolpack Website

Client: The Woolpack

Services: Website Development, WordPress Theme Development, Ongoing support.

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The Woolpack Wilstead

The vision

After taking over The Woolpack Wilstead, The Benedickters looked to expand their online presence and point focus towards the new refurbishment/menu. The Benedickters vision was to create a platform that could showcase the wide range of new menu items with the ability to easily edit and change the content.

The Woolpack Wilstead

The outcome

To highlight the and showcase the menu/redesign of The Woolpack Wilstead, we decided to create a WordPress theme, this allows the Benedickters to have full control over the content and layout of the website. A custom-built gallery on the platform allows for regular visual updates and ties in with the multiple menu block set up.  The site is built using advanced custom fields, which means the whole site can be rearranged and transformed as they grow in popularity.

The website is also hosted on one of our dedicated servers.

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The Woolpack Wilstead

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