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Kieran Philp

Freelance Developer & Visual Creator

About me

Hey!👋🏽 I'm Kieran, a 27-year-old freelance developer and visual creator.

I have been working in creative industries for the last 8+ years, turning my hand to multiple aspects of web, app & game development, as well as visual content creation!


I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from startups and family businesses to Fortune 500 giants. Creating websites from scratch, taking on existing sites, building individual modules & of course bug fixing! As well as ensuring websites and emails are hosted safely.

Before freelancing I spent my time learning web development & industry standards at one of the UK's top award winning agencies.

Visual Creation

I also work with visual creation. My portfolio boasts established creations that have collectively garnered over 1 million views across social media, YouTube, and Twitch. I have 2x partnered YouTube channels & a partnered Twitch channel. Since 2021 I have been working alongside and collaborating with other top content creators and Twitch streamers, as well as consulting, providing direction and expertise.

I have been featured in prominent gaming news media for my achievements in the field.

Where am I?

Based in London & surrounding areas (although I tend to work from anywhere on the planet!), I have 8+ years of experience creating digital and physical projects that have been seen all over the world!


XF Talent
Content Creation
Charity Work
PS. Design
Dream Digital

Charity work

My charity work includes raising over $3000 for Children's charities. (Gamers Outreach)

Personal Journey

Since an early age I taught myself how to edit videos, images and audio. I still dedicate time to keep learning and improving my craft.

My journey has been filled with exciting challenges and rewarding collaborations that have shaped the way I create.

Let's get started!

Whether it's website development, website hosting, content creation, email hosting or creative problem solving, get in touch & let's build something special together! 😄


Web Development

Web Hosting

Email Hosting

WordPress Development

Website Migration

Web Design

Video & Image Editing

Content Creation

Game Development

Landing Page Development

Skills & Tech Stack

- Fluent -




WordPress Theme Development (Including ACF)


Tailwind & Bootstrap

GitHub/GitBash - Command line


Premiere Pro (Multiple editing softwares)


Youtube & Social Media Algorithms


Live presentation, clear speaking & improvisation

- Semi Fluent (Projects completed using these skills) -




AI for development (Chat GPT)

- Learning -





C++ & C

Why Freelance?

I believe in having the ability to manage my time and make creative decisions in collaboration.

When entering into a project or creative partnership, being able to offer my own thoughts and opinions in transparent conversations & creative sessions is vital.

I am always open to freelance contracts, meetings and office visits. I'm firm a believer that if our values align, not only will we work better together, but the end result will be an incredible creation.

Travel is important to me, I love being able to throw my laptop into a backpack and work from anywhere in the world!

Creativity needs inspiration. Sometimes creative juices run low & I don't believe in "clocking in" when you aren't going to produce anything of value - sometimes a walk can solve everything! 🌄